f015ce5ed4352a4074378395ec00d6837d33b49a — LucidBrot 2 years ago a56f27b
Hopefully, this fixes the issue we had that the bot did not automatically choose the only active CTF
1 files changed, 5 insertions(+), 2 deletions(-)

M organizers_bot/ctfnote.py
M organizers_bot/ctfnote.py => organizers_bot/ctfnote.py +5 -2
@@ 422,6 422,8 @@ class CTFNote:
            datetime.fromisoformat(ctf["startTime"]) < now and
            datetime.fromisoformat(ctf["endTime"]) > now, ctfs))

        # This is a list. Use an element like this:
        # return CTF(self.client, ctfs[0]) if ctfs else None
        return ctfs

    async def subscribe_to_events(self):

@@ 495,13 497,14 @@ async def refresh_ctf(ctx: discord_slash.SlashContext, ctfid: int = None):
        # if no ctf id is stored in the pinned message, we assume the first in the list of 
        # currently running CTFs is the right one
        current_ctfs = await ctfnote.getActiveCtfs()
        if current_ctfs is None:
        if current_ctfs is None or len(current_ctfs == 0):
            await ctx.send("No active ctf! Go on ctfnote and fix the dates!")
            return None
        if len(current_ctfs) > 1:
            await ctx.send("Multiple CTFs are currently ongoing. I was unable to infer the correct one from optional arguments and pinned messages.")
            return None
        # Just one current ctf is happening.
        return current_ctfs[0]
        return CTF(ctfnote.client, current_ctfs[0])

async def update_login_info(ctx: discord_slash.SlashContext, URL_:str, admin_login_:str, admin_pass_:str):
    global URL, admin_pass, admin_login, enabled