dc35159f29eee5d5160188c7bb517d1ef40b9798 — LucidBrot 2 years ago cd3ef05
this is working pretty robustly
1 files changed, 1 insertions(+), 1 deletions(-)

M organizers_bot/ctfnote.py
M organizers_bot/ctfnote.py => organizers_bot/ctfnote.py +1 -1
@@ 601,7 601,6 @@ async def assign_player(ctx: discord_slash.SlashContext, playername):
        user_id, password = await ctfnote.createMemberAccount(uid)
        await ctx.send(f"Account {playername} was created with password {password}")
        print("Done assigning player.")
        user_id = user[0]['id']

    task = await current_ctf.getTaskByName(ctx.channel.name)

@@ 668,6 667,7 @@ async def import_ctf_from_ctftime(ctx: discord_slash.SlashContext, ctftime_link_

    if response.get('importCtf',False) == "Already present":
        await ctx.send(f"That ctf already exists. Check it in the dashboard(<{URL}>).", hidden=hide)

    # TODO: it would be nice to receive the details of the ctf that was just imported. 
    #       Especially the ctfnote CTF id for use as optional argument of the /chal command.