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the Fixup command
2 files changed, 43 insertions(+), 0 deletions(-)

M organizers_bot/bot.py
M organizers_bot/ctfnote.py
M organizers_bot/bot.py => organizers_bot/bot.py +14 -0
@@ 87,6 87,20 @@ def setup():
        await ctx.send(f"The channel for <#{created.id}> ({category}) was created")
        await ctfnote.add_task(ctx, created, challenge, category, solved_prefix = "✓-", ctfid = ctfid)

                 description="Use this if you need to set/change the ctf id of the current channel after the channel creation.",
                                      description="The int id of the ctf in ctfnote. Can be found in the URL.",
    async def ctfnote_fixup_channel(ctx: discord_slash.SlashContext, ctfid = None):
        await ctfnote.fixup_task(ctx, solved_prefix = "✓-", ctfid = ctfid)

                 description="The challenge was solved",

M organizers_bot/ctfnote.py => organizers_bot/ctfnote.py +29 -0
@@ 614,6 614,35 @@ async def assign_player(ctx: discord_slash.SlashContext, playername):
    await task.assignUser(user_id)
    await ctx.send(f"Player {playername.mention} was assigned to challenge {task.title}")

async def fixup_task(ctx: discord_slash.SlashContext,
        ctfid: int, flag: str = "", description: str = "", 
        solved_prefix: str = "✓-"):
    Finds, wipes, and recreates the pinned message.
    Useful if the channel was created without a ctf - or with a wrong ctf id.
    To be run with a context *in that channel*.
    await ctx.defer(hidden=True)
    prev_pinned_msg = await get_pinned_ctfnote_message(ctx)
    reply_text = "Done."
    if prev_pinned_msg is not None:
        # remove the pinned message if it exists
        # TODO: also move the tasks around on ctfnote? Is probably easier to have them persist and let the players handle it themselves though. Usually the fixup will be called with a channel without any not yet anyway.
        await prev_pinned_msg.delete()
        reply_text += " Any previously used ctfnote md for this channel needs to be manually pasted over. It was not removed automatically."

    # Add task, with the correct ctfid
    task_name = ctx.channel.name[len(solved_prefix):] if ctx.channel.name.startswith(solved_prefix) else ctx.channel.name
    task_category = ctx.channel.category.name
    await add_task(ctx, created = ctx.channel, name = task_name, category = task_category,
            description = description, solved_prefix = solved_prefix, ctfid = ctfid)

    reply_text += " The new ctfid is " + str(ctfid) +"."

    await ctx.send(reply_text, hidden=True)

async def whos_leader_of_this_shit(ctx: discord_slash.SlashContext):
    if not enabled:
        await ctx.send("CTFNote integration is currently not in use. Ignoring your request. Set up the auth first.", hidden=True)