The management bot for the Organizers CTF team discord
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You can also use your local clone with git send-email.

#The Organizer

This is the management bot for the discord server of the Organizers CTF team.

Some planned/wanted features include

  • [X] Create a new channel for a challenge
    • [X] Make sure a new channel goes before solved challenges
  • [X] Make a channel/challenge as solved
  • [X] Prevent unauthorized use
  • [ ] Create/remove challenge categories?
  • [X] Archive all current "active" challenge channels
  • [ ] Manage logins/passwords for contests
  • [ ] Autocollect challenges from CTFd-hosted contests, collect descriptions and files, create channels
  • [ ] Automatically submit a flag for CTFd contests with managed login
  • [ ] Manage a calendar of upcoming contests to see who is interested in a particular CTF, and how much tryharding there will or should be
  • [ ] Team- and individual-based opt-in and opt-out
  • [ ] ctfnote integration
    • [x] specify server settings with /ctfnote_update_auth (can be done by player)
    • [x] create a ctfnote pad for a /chal (can be done by player)
      • [x] Takes an optional argument for concurrent ctfs.
    • [x] pin ctfnote link to the channel
    • [x] /ctfnote_assign_player assigns a player to be the challenge leader and annotates it in ctfnote. (can be done by player)
      • [x] If the player has not registered, it will be autoregistered
    • [x] /ctfnote_who_leads (can be done by player)
    • [x] /flag should mark it as flagged on ctfnote
    • [ ] support for more than one concurrent ctf
    • [ ] better authentication - the ctfnote auth only is for the ctfnote stuff, but the underlying hedgedoc markdown can be accessed directly by the pad urls. They are hard to guess, but still...
    • [ ] sync solved state back into the discord channel in case a player adds the flag via ctfnote

Currently in development by:

  • Robin Jadoul
  • Cyanpencil
  • Lucid


Written for testing

  • create a discord server for testing. Also called a guild in discord speech.

    • create a role CTF Player or similar
    • enable in discord settings (Advanced) the developer mode so you can right-click things to get IDs.
    • right-click the server to get the server ID. E.g. 990596882034221096
    • find the role IDs for player and admin in the settings
  • Get yourself a bot token and client ID from the discord developer console

    • see under "OAuth 2" the client ID and bot token
  • Go to "OAuth2", "URL Generator"

    • select applications.commands

      allows your app to use commands in a guild


    • select bot

      for oauth2 bots, this puts the bot in the user's selected guild by default

    • not sure what you need from the bottom part. We just said "administrator" for testing :sweat_smile:

  • copy the config.sample.json to config.json and fill it in.

    • the archive section can be anything as long as it is set - except if you want to make use of the archive functionality, of course.

    • for local testing, you also don't need any s3 settings.

  • build and run:

    docker build -t orgzbot .
    docker run --rm -it orgzbot:latest
  • in the discord server, specify the ctfnote credentials with the /ctfnote_update_auth command. If you don't want to use it, set it to something invalid i guess...

#CTFNote Integration

Information about the internal assumptions used. This should only be relevant when you change the code.

  • We use the channel name as task name
    • If it was marked as solved, that should be stripped
  • We use each player's exact discord name as Name#discriminator
  • Players who are not signed up yet get a password assigned when we want to use their account
  • The bot has a lot of permissions on ctfnote
  • The bot itself has no state. Any information must be stored in the discord pinned messages or the ctfnote.
  • To disable ctfnote integration, just set some invalid credentials (e.g. example.com)