support loading additional default flags from file
makefile: rebuild when sources change
minor tweaks to release.mk
move the json status command around
document default flags passed to mpv
remove clear command, make it part of remove
make absolute seeking more ergonomic via % suffix
Expose more subsubcommands at the root
radio: add station shortcuts
allow player subcommands to work without running player
makefile: improve install
add flag aliases afer urfave/cli/v2 migration
Revert "fix now playing output format"

This reverts commit 5b6f98d742c2fc0d754cc1b955d94fca6a830603.
release.mk: publish to sr.ht and github.com
update readme building instruction
run mdformat on README
stop mpv plugins from loading
fix now playing output format
replace goreleaser setup with release.mk
add xap-enqueue plugin