remote control for mpv
support loading additional default flags from file
makefile: rebuild when sources change
minor tweaks to release.mk



You can also use your local clone with git send-email.


bring some mpd to mpv

#xap cli

command line tool to interact with mpv via unix socket

  • [x] player ctl
  • [x] queue ctl
  • [x] player settings
    • [x] softvol adjustments (via xap vol)
    • [x] access to raw mpv properties (via xap raw [get|set|exec])
  • [x] start/stop background mpv process (via xap player [start|stop|show])
  • [x] use with custom mpv socket (e.g. to control IINA, gnome-mpv, etc.)
  • [x] connect to remote mpv instances (via SSH proxy)

For documentation of the available commands check xap --help.


With a working Go environment:

make && make install

#dynamic git-style subcommands

xap supports running external subcommands to extend its functionality. For an example of how this can be done see plugins/xap-radio and plugins/xap-enqueue


  • add tracks/albums from your beets library: beet ls -p <query> | xap add -
  • simple shuffle with beets: beet random -p -n <num> [-e] [<query>] | xap add -
  • interact with r-a-d.io: xap radio play r-a-d.io, xap radio now