Twitch command line interface
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Twitch shell

This is a shell that makes it possible to use Twitch by typing commands.

The license is CC0. You find the license text in the file LICENSE.

Features and tips

* You can do most things without logging in (all commands except for set-*)

* You can either start the shell `./twitch-shell` and then run commands
  `search xyz` or run commands from outside the shell `./twitch-shell search xyz`

* One letter shortcuts for common commands (like `s` for `search`)

* Follow channels without logging in by making a bash command that runs
  `twitch-shell live channel1 channel2` with all channels you want to check

Example usage

    $ ./twitch-shell
    twitch> search programming
    HappyLittleRat playing Creative
      [Silent C++] Workbench #programming #C++ #gamedev 
    dylan_landry playing Creative
      Relaxing Programming: Help, chill, learn, and relax. Day 11
    twitch> info
    Robalni playing Creative
      Doing something boring
    twitch> set-title "Programming a Twitch shell"
    Robalni playing Creative
      Programming a Twitch shell


When it says "your channel/stream" it means the one you have specified in the
variable `username` at the top of the script.  A slash in the command name like
"live/l" means that there is an alias.  "l" is the same command as "live".
Arguments written like [x] are optional.  Arguments written like <x> are
required.  Three dots means that you can specify multiple of that argument.

Command                 Description
----------------------- ------------
info/i [channel...]     Shows info about channels (default: your channel)
live/l [channel...]     See whether the channels are live (default: your channel)
search/s <str> [page]   Search for streams
set-game <str>          Set your game
set-title <str>         Set your stream title
videos/v [channel]      Shows a list of videos from the channel (default: your channel)
watch/w [channel]       Watch a stream (using mpv) (default: your stream)