Use a ProgressDialog to display the recording timer

Before this change we rolled-out our own custom (ugly) widget to display
the time remaining before recording. Now it's a built-in one.
Show atbswp version in the capture file

Now when debugging user problems we can know exactly which version was
Display the number of remaining iterations

Prior to this change the number was only displayed verbatim. Now it is
not only displayed but updated with the number of remaining iterations
and updated when that number is changed in the settings. #53

36aac90a — wesley 2 years ago
Fix mouse movements capture

Mouse movements weren't captured when moving from right to left
and from bottom to top.

This kind of movements result in a negative distance and they were
not capture due to the sensibility check, which prevents every
pixel on a movement to be captured.
Print the repeat count on the main Window
Remove the trailing keyboard recording trigger

With the mouse it was fine, but with the keyboard there was usually a
trailing keyDown of the recording hotkey.
Update install instructions for Fedora

On a brand new install the user needs a couple of X libraries.
Make the use cases more discoverable

This change was suggested by Lars Wirzenius[0]

0: https://liw.fi/readme-review/
Format code with Black
3ea72c52 — wesley 2 years ago
Fix repeat counter update bug

It fixes repeat counter, which was updating only after play button be
toggled off.

This bug was introduced after infinite playback crash correction.
Report the correct version number and year #52
Add the possiblity to stop infinite playback

This is the first polished attempt to fix #10
Instead of executing all the capture in one
pass, it's executed line-by-line with the
downside that it might be interrupted when a
key is pressed thus causing that key to be stuck.
Add Ctrl+O and Ctrl+S keyboard shortcuts

Ctrl+O: To open a new capture
Ctrl+S: To save a capture
Make the UI non-blocking when using infinite playback

Prior to this, only the single execution was truly
async, the infinite and repeated play were using loops.
Now a count is maintained at the class level to keep
track of the number of executions remaining.
f4089a35 — slrslr 2 years ago
Update README.md
7e3d11dd — Denis Bitouzé 2 years ago
French translations updated
Improve wording for atbswp use cases
Add a Windows-compatible icon file
Create a new module for the custom widgets
Change the Repeat Count widget #38