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### About Me
I'm just a tech loving nerd. I've been working as a programmer making cloud based business management software since 2013. I'm interested in working on my own projects but never get anything done.
I'm just a tech loving nerd.

### What software do I use?
* OS: [Arch Linux](https://archlinux.org) on laptop. Windows 10 LTSC on Desktop.
* WM: i3-gaps
* Bar: polybar
* Browser: [ungoogled-chromium](https://ungoogled-software.github.io)
* Browser: Brave
* Terminal: Alacritty 
* Editor: [VSCodium](https://vscodium.com) and vim
* Media Player: VLC/Plex 

@@ 28,5 28,7 @@ I use an [EverDrive64](https://krikzz.com/store/) to play randomizer and rom hac
You can follow me on [twitch.tv/sorokya](https://twitch.tv/sorokya) but I haven't streamed in a very long time, and don't plan to for now.

These are the games I'm currently playing
* Doom Eternal
* Animal Crossing: New Horizons
* [Endless Online](http://game.eoserv.net) 

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### Email
You can reach me by email at [richard@richardleek.com](mailto:richard@richardleek.com)
My PGP Key is available on [sks-keyservers](https://sks-keyservers.net/pks/lookup?op=get&search=0xF3B445FAF5E6EB0A6EDB9D194559DA84B07E19BB) or you can download it from [here](files/rleekpub.asc).

### Social Media
I don't use social media.

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The last month has been pretty unusual for me because I actually completed two video games!
They weren't the two games I inteded to play, but I completed them none the less.

<img src="/files/images/2019-12-09-Luigi's_Mansion_3.jpg" />

## Luigi's Mansion 3
I picked up Luigi's Mansion 3 on release date from our local GameStop. I was pleasantly
surprised with how much fun it is, being the latest home console release of the series since the
2001 original released on gamecube. I have dark moon on my 3ds but didn't really play much

@@ 21,8 20,7 @@ about how to solve certain puzzles. Certain boss ghosts were a tough fight that 
several attempts before you could finally defeat them. It's something that I find lacking
in more modern games. The game does not just hand everything to you.

<img src="/files/images/2019-12-09-gta-sa.jpg" />

## Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas
I'm pretty sure my parents got me Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas the year it came out (2004).
My friends and I would play the hell out of that disk back then. Taking turns at the game
just messing around. Trying to get the highest wanted level. Doing insane jumps with vehicles.