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title: "Site Update"
date: 2020-05-10T17:18:46+02:00
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Yesterday I decided to switch my static site generator from cobalt to hugo.
Not really for any particular reason though, I was just bored. I like this theme a lot more than my custom one I had before (I never was too good with
CSS to be honest).

I've been staying at my grandparents house since Easter. We've all been
bored sitting at home during quarantine. Hopefully we open up snobiz soon
so I'll have something to do again. I've just been playing video games,
binge watching Game of Thrones with mom (she's never seen it), and 
skyping with my girlfriend.

I had an idea for a game I want to make and decided I want to give C++
another shot. I'm going to go through C++ Primer Plus again and see what
happens. I won't go into much detail on the game itself. As of right now
it's only an idea.

Anywho.. That's all from me today!