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title: "Good Coffee"
date: 2020-05-21T14:04:20-04:00
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So I've been staying at my grandparent's house since Easter and they have one
of those kuerig coffee makers. They don't buy the k-cups though, they use
those re-usable cups you put the coffee grounds in.

I wouldn't say I'm a coffee snob, but I'm used to good coffee from my old
job. We ground fresh beans, brewed the coffee, and stored it in a carafe.
I know what good, fresh coffee tastes like and the kuerig and pre-ground
stuff just wasn't cutting it.

So last night I stopped by walmart and got me a mini mr. coffee pot, a
bean grinder, and some eight o' clock coffee beans. I've made three pots
so far and they've been delicious!

I'm just happy to have good coffee in my life again I guess haha