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this is a work in progress!

#bss - boring static site generator

A boring (and simple...) static site generator written in Perl with a little help from rsync.

#Getting Started

bss reads manifest.ini for its configuration options:


Pages begin (as in Jekyll) with a YAML "front matter" block:

title: Nine Stories
layout: default 
    author: J.D. Salinger 
[% footer = 'partials/footer.tt' %]

	A Perfect Day for Bananafish wherein Seymour ends his own life...

[% INCLUDE $footer %]

Template file types can be any of: .tmpl, .template, .html, .tt, .tt2.

A simple web server is included but one would be wise in using it only for local development purposes. Ensure the BSS_DOCROOT ENV var is set.

An example:

$ BSS_DOCROOT=/path/to/your/_site bss build --server


  • [] BSS_DOCROOT should set to whatever is in config
  • [] Handle removing YAML block correctly
  • [] So that we can actually write OG daringfireball md
  • [] Markdown parser might be garbage
  • [] short flags so we can do -v and -s for verbose and server