adds basic web server
updates a say
adds YAML to nix-shell
gets collections working the correct way...I hope
starts refactor of collections
checkpoint; getting there
adds defaults
4250bf87 — rjpcasalino 10 months ago
remove needless scalar
c1a02df6 — rjpcasalino 10 months ago
uses YAML the smarter way(?)
3bbb8edc — rjpcasalino 10 months ago
have to rework this at some point
abc9e4fb — rjpcasalino 10 months ago
8270e399 — rjpcasalino 10 months ago
house keeping
603970d5 — rjpcasalino 10 months ago
fixes exclude issue in rsync and renames sub and also I see a new bug/issue in that when I remove the YAML block (this is all ugly as sine by the way and I'm sure there's a better way to handle this YAML but I have yet to find it) the resulting HTML file's first two lines are empty rather than removes
f09bfd9b — rjpcasalino 11 months ago
removes needless use / requires
53eb72b6 — rjpcasalino 11 months ago
remove _site
36ebb930 — rjpcasalino 11 months ago
add example
f95cd800 — rjpcasalino 11 months ago
update ignore
0bd74a58 — rjpcasalino 11 months ago
update ignore
325c5261 — rjpcasalino 11 months ago
update example