5.10 -> 5.32
removes watch stuff; minor edits

removes the watch stuff until I can do that
the "correct" way. Not very reassuring. But,
I do want to get it "right". Quoting Bill.
correct name
perl tidy
rsync info flagscontrolled by verbose setting
3700e580 — Ryan Casalino 4 months ago
c1e10d30 — Ryan Casalino 4 months ago
fix cpan link
2156fed1 — Ryan Casalino 4 months ago
update README
5a24acec — Ryan Casalino 4 months ago
bump year; regex in watch for md files
adds watch to opts
Changes to server sub adds log4perl

Watch for changes and restart if so. Does not really
work all that well and I am sure I am doing something
very wrong or maybe not. Anyway, we update the server
sub a bit and prepare for more work on Web.pm. I am
using fork here a bit, but the real idea is to get the
watcher watching in a different process so we can
push something to the server. Adds log4perl as well.
bring back the error message when there is no manifest to be found
General Cleanup

Removes global config and moves lots of stuff
into the build sub routine. Not ideal, but I think
a bit better than before. Haven't tested this on
anything besides the example so I'm sure some shit
is still broke as hell.
change wording in POD
rename some vars and adds a SIG handle
shell nix and README
remove example
remove needless return statement and adds a print