README updates
remove needless code
wording in comment
update flake
supress warnings from template toolkit
update flake and add pm
add some notes and fix formatting in places
ffe9852f — Ryan Joseph Patrick Casalino 1 year, 2 months ago
adds some comments and ignores some warnings
removes site_modified var and adds FIXME
gives credit to naoya
adds FIXME
rather than download a small plugin from cpan just takethe code and add it here and add a TODO to give credit where credit is due.
trying to make nixos happy and avoid adding a small plugin
adds simple markdown filter for tt
update what we need
fix typo
update README and update program license
update README to reflect reality
this commit removes confusing and needless code and sets template toolkit values in a more sane manner. It also adds the option to set eval perl option for TT stuff and adds debug print stuff
590b7c1e — Ryan J.P. Casalino 1 year, 11 months ago
use nixos-unstable-small