Update documentation for release
Trivial style fixes
Simplify recording unit test

The second client is not under test, but verifies the behavior of the
VCR being tested; therefore we can and should be explicit about our
expectations rather than use the middleware to modify

Our cookie assertion is potentially problematic; we have no real control
over which cookie is de/serialized first, so no control over which is
removed. If we re-record this test it could fail. It might be better to
just assert that the vector's length is 1.
Fix compilation of doctest
Merge pull request #2 from COLDTURNIP/feature-support-sensitive-data-shadowing

Feature: cassettes modification
24b66172 — Raphanus Lo 2 months ago
Add document for cassetts modification
4484ddf1 — Raphanus Lo 2 months ago
Support sensitive data erasing.
Combine list of recorders and players

This allows us to both read and write to the same file in multiple
concurrent tests.
Update docs and README, update version
example: Remove session file before recording
Fix and run documented test

The test needs to open a file, but we don't care what's in it, so it's
Update gitignore
Improve error when request is not found

It would probably be better still to only print the method, URL, port,
headers, and the body's data. The rest is likely always just noise.
Return error on failure to look up request
Revise introduction, use in-test code example
Update package and README for registry listing
Add test-generated file to gitignore
Fix example
Add docs, example for compiled documentation
Reduce surf features