0.12.0 1 year, 7 months ago

Release 0.12.0 highlights:

# Added

- Read-only mbox backend support.
- Import/Export mbox files with `:import-mbox` and `:export-mbox`.
- `address-book-cmd` can now also be specified in `accounts.conf`.
- Run `check-mail-cmd` with `:check-mail`.
- Display active key binds with `:help keys` (bound to `?` by default).
- Multiple visual selections with `:mark -V`.
- Mark all messages of the same thread with `:mark -T`.
- Set default collapse depth of directory tree with `dirlist-collapse`.

# Changed

- Aerc will no longer exit while a send is in progress.
- When scrolling through large folders, client side threading is now
  debounced to avoid lagging. This can be configured with
- The provided awk filters are now POSIX compliant and should work on
  MacOS and BSD.
- `outgoing-cred-cmd` execution is now deferred until a message needs to
  be sent.
- `next-message-on-delete` now also applies to `:archive`.
- `:attach` now supports path globbing (`:attach *.log`)

# Fixed

- Transient crashes when closing tabs.
- Binding a command to `<c-i>` and `<c-m>`.
- Reselection after delete and scroll when client side threading is
- Background mail count polling when the default folder is empty on
- Wide character handling in the message list.
- Issues with message reselection during scrolling and after `:delete`
  with threading enabled.

# Deprecated

- Removed support for go < 1.16.

Thanks to all contributors!

~$ git shortlog -sn 0.11.0..0.12.0
    33	Tim Culverhouse
    32	Koni Marti
    30	Robin Jarry
    25	Moritz Poldrack
     3	Jose Lombera
     2	Thomas Faughnan
     1	Ben Cohen
     1	Ensar Sarajčić
     1	Joel Pickett
     1	Pinghao Wu
     1	Sean Stiglitz
     1	Sijmen
     1	Stas Rudakou
     1	akspecs
     1	q3cpma