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To set a status hit Ctrl+R(eview) before sending the message.

# Thank-you Messages

> This section is under a CC-BY-SA License [Thanks to Drew
> DeVault](https://drewdevault.com/2022/07/25/Code-review-with-aerc.html)

Using this template thank-you messages to contributors can be pre-populated
with relevant information about the last push.

X-Sourcehut-Patchset-Update: APPLIED


{{exec "{ git remote get-url --push origin; git reflog -2 origin/master --pretty=format:%h | xargs printf '%s\n' | tac; } | xargs printf 'To %s\n   %s..%s  master -> master'" ""}}

This template can be used by executing: `:reply -a -T[template-name]`