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My rielaender.org site.

#How it works:


  • The date is in the filename.
  • The URI for final publishing is in the filename.
  • The title is in the first line of the file.
  • The rest is the content body, written in HTML.


Plain erb Ruby templates are in templates/

Shared header and footer for the whole site.


A Ruby script (make.rb) goes through all the content directories and reads the files.

  • It starts an array for the collection of content in each subdirectory.
  • It parses each file, gets the metadata, merges it into the template, and writes it to disk.
  • Afterwards, it uses the collection array to merge with the index template, and writes that to disk.
  • Finally, it uses all the collections to write the home page, which shows the newest additions of various types.


Nginx serves the final static site from the site/ directory.