Book about getting started with Linux as desktop OS
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#The Alternatives: An evolving introduction to non-proprietary software

Book in the works about how to get started with Linux as desktop operating system without previous experience.

Angled at creatives who want to use more independent/free/community made/open source software (i.e., music production, illustrators, video editors, writers etc).

The idea is to give a broad overview of a wide range of subjects for the reader to pick and choose where they like to dive deeper. The book briefly mentions some proprietary software options since in my experience these are important to new users.

Check CONTRIBUTING.md for instructions on how to build the pdf and contribute to the project. If you just want a compiled version, you can get a somewhat up to date pdf from my website.

You can subscribe to the discussion/patches by sending an email to ~rickylinden/linuxbook+subscribe@lists.sr.ht. To unsubscribe change subscribe to unsubscribe in previous e-mail address.


The project is licensed under Creative Commons BY-SA.