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You can also use your local clone with git send-email.

#Files for rickcogley.keybase.pub

This repo contains a simple one page site for rickcogley.keybase.pub. Every keybase.io user gets public and private folders via the "kbfs" system, and, if you deploy an index.html or index.md file, it will be rendered at your "myuser.keybase.pub" site.

I'm editing this index.html file manually, and need only to sync it and any assets to my local keybase public folder, to get the files to be copied up into the keybase.io web server for display. I hacked the pre-push git hook in the local copy of my repo, to do a simple rsync between my local git folder and the kbfs public folder.

rsync -a --exclude '.git' /path/to/rickcogley.keybase.pub/ "/Volumes/Keybase (rcogley)/public/rickcogley/"

The trailing slash in the source directory matters.