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title: "Search Results" outputs:

  • html
  • json slug: "search" layout: "search" sitemap: priority : 0.1

This file exists solely to respond to /search URL with the related search layout template.

No content shown here is rendered, all content is based in the template layouts/page/search.html

Setting a very low sitemap priority will tell search engines this is not important content.

This implementation uses Fusejs, jquery and mark.js

#Initial setup

Search depends on additional output content type of JSON in config.toml ``` [outputs] home = ["HTML", "JSON"] ```

#Searching additional fileds

To search additional fields defined in front matter, you must add it in 2 places.

#Edit layouts/_default/index.JSON

This exposes the values in /index.json i.e. add category ``` ... "contents":{{ .Content | plainify | jsonify }} {{ if .Params.tags }}, "tags":{{ .Params.tags | jsonify }}{{end}}, "categories" : {{ .Params.categories | jsonify }}, ... ```

static/js/search.js ``` keys: [ "title", "contents", "tags", "categories" ] ```