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#Keyboard Configurations

#Keyboard.io Model 01-Q

I use a Mac laptop, with a Japanese keyboard, so I'm not only getting used to US positioning on the Model 01, but also just the general difference of having thumb keys.

See the Arduino sketch (the .ino file) and the Keyboard Layout Editor raw file in the Model01 folder of this repository.

Here are a few points to make about the latest iteration of this layout:

  • esc moved to upper left prog key, and put left option where esc was
  • tab moved to physical pgup
  • shifts on pinkies
  • pgup, pgdn, home, end on fn n,m,comma,period
  • backspace on physical num
  • numlock is fn-any
  • added macro to turn off led effect and assigned to fn-led
  • added macro to toggle language IME between English and Japanese, assigned to any
  • added a bunch of typically used cmd-x keys to left function, to make it easier to reach them

Latest Keyboard Layout Editor layout is here.

#HHKB Professional JP Type-S with Custom TMK Controller Board

I installed the TMK programmable controller into my PFU HHKB Happy Hacking keyboard, and it works a treat.

The steps to set up are:

  • Do a basic test to make sure the board basically works
  • Create your map online.
  • Download the resultant unimap.hex file from that same page.
  • Switch the 'board into program mode using the red button on the controller (where the dip switches were).
  • Install dfu-programmer if it not already.
  • Do:
    • dfu-programmer atmega32u4 erase --force
    • dfu-programmer atmega32u4 flash unimap.hex
    • dfu-programmer atmega32u4 reset

After that, it just works. I put an English keycap set on this originally Japanese keyboard, so that I can have arrow keys, since PFU does not sell an English HHKB with them. Many thanks to Hasu!