README: bump OpenBSD lua package version
Replace strncpy with strlcpy

and remove some VLAs.
malloc, strdup: exit if no memory
path_exists: exit if stat == -1 and errno != ENOENT
Set TZ to null string in sanitised env

Without this tests might be subject to local timezone changes, like british
summer time, better to assert that the timezone is always UTC.
Add fedora dependency instructions
update usage()
fix string literal warning
make clang default compiler
README: don't duplicate stuff in manpage
improve manpage

Add note about yarn, link to liw.fi README.yarn.
Use return from main not os.exit, return 0 at end

Also return 1 when exiting with usage() or help().
Move main code into main() function
tyarn.1: document AND step

Also make point about platforms clearer.
err if last scenario line is not THEN

also err if last scenario has no THEN before FINALLY
err if scenario file has no scenarios
README: pkgconfig is in base
manpage: fix lint errors
Set env var SRCDIR