* email/qmail-deliver.pl:  Add FILES to the documentation.
Document the List-ID: thing

* email/qmail-deliver.pl:
   + Expand the message processing bullets to add the List-ID: thing.
   + Clarify the message processing intro paragraph.
   + Shorten DESCRIPTION to make it less redundant wrt the message
     processing intro.
* LICENCE.text:  Make us GPLv3.
Add --verbose reporting for "List-ID:" delivery.

* email/qmail-deliver.pl:
   + (find_list_qmail_file):  Add some --verbose reporting.
* email/qmail-deliver.pl:
   + (find_list_qmail_file):  New helper.
   + (deliver_message):  After the spam, forgery, and extension checks,
     if there is a "List-ID:" header, and a corresponding .qmail file of
     the form ".qmail-list-<id>", then use that file for delivery.
* email/test-qmail-deliver.pl:
   + Test "List-ID:" dispatch.
* email/from-emacs-dev.msg (added):
   + Test case for same.
Fix some undef warnings in parse_bzr

* vc-chrono-log.pl:
   + (parse_bzr):  Fix some undef warnings.
Test "bzr log" parsing

* makefile:
   + (test-bzr-chrono-log-1):  Test case for "bzr log" parsing.
   + (test-chrono-log):  Add test-bzr-chrono-log-1.
* test/test-bzr-chrono-log-1-in.text (added):
* test/test-bzr-chrono-log-1.text (added):
   + Test data for test-bzr-chrono-log-1.
Add "bzr log" output support to vc-chrono-log.pl

* vc-chrono-log.pl:
   + (parse_bzr):  Parse Bzr fields.
   + (parse):  Dispatch to parse_bzr if we recognize its divider.
   + (ChronoLog::Entry):  Add a branch slot.
   + (report):  Also report the entry branch.  (There are other
     bzr-specific fields we could include, but this is good for now).
Add --list-host to email/forged-local-address.pl

Plus testing and qmail-deliver.pl support.
* email/forged-local-address.pl:
   + Add a --list-host option, as a (possibly better) alternative to
     --sender-re for what look like forgeries from email lists.
   + (add_list_host):  Command line parsing helper.
   + (list_host_p):  Check whether a "Received:" header matches.
   + Use same to override a determination of nonlocal.
   + Add documentation for --list-host.
   + Also add a SYNOPSIS section, and drop the complaint about
     --network-prefix from BUGS.
* email/qmail-deliver.pl:
   + Add a --list-host keyword, and pass it to forged-local-address.pl.
* email/test-qmail-deliver.pl:
   + Add a --list-host test using mailing-list-1.text.
* makefile:
   + (test-nonforged-addresses):  Add a test case for --list-host.
* email/mailing-list-1.text (added):
   + Test data.
* Backup/Partition.pm:
   + (clean_partition $delete_dump):  Bug fix:  Use file_stem instead of
     base_name when generating verbose info for a dump.
* Backup/Slice.pm:
   + (entry_cmp):  Bug fix:  Sort catalog slices after their dump
     slices, to match "ls" order, so the show-backups.pl --sort=dvd
     option does the right thing.  Also, compare by prefix first, which
     makes more sense (though it doesn't matter to the current code).
* Backup/Dump.pm:
   + (entry_cmp):  Also compare by prefix first.
* test/test-backup-classes.pl:
   + Expect the changed order.
fd23afab — Bob Rogers 3 years ago
Add a new --use-delivered-to option.
   From the delivered-to-1 branch.
* email/qmail-deliver.pl:
   + (write_maildir_message):  Show "Delivered-To:" headers if --verbose
     and we have two or more or double --verbose and we have any.  Also
     add a verbose "already been delivered" warn if we've seen the ID.
   + (process_qmail_file):  Add double verbose warnings for a /dev/null
     destinations and ignored pipes.
   + (find_extension):  If --use-delivered-to was specified and we have
     two or more "Delivered-To:" headers, try to extract an extension
     from the difference between the two most recent localparts; the
     difference must start with "-", which is not included.
   + (address_forged_p):  Pass one less --verbose options to
     forged-local-address.pl as we get.
   + (check_lists):  Bug fix:  Also check the envelope recipient for a
     dead address.
* email/test-qmail-deliver.pl:
   + (deliver_one):  Improve option processing.
   + Test that a message gets delivered according to the extension if
     --use-delivered-to is specified, and not otherwise.
* email/relay-test.text (added):
   + New --use-delivered-to test case.
* email/netatalk-devel.text (added):
   + Message for new --deadlist test case.
* email/test-bounce.text (removed):
   + Rename this . . .
* email/bounce-test.text (added):
   + . . . to eliminate "test-" from the front of the name.
6cdacd3f — Bob Rogers 2 years ago
* email/forged-local-address.pl:
   + (local_header_p):  Bug fix:  Recognize a locally-originated Postfix
     message, which is necessary for handling bounces properly.
* email/test-qmail-deliver.pl:
   + Add a regression test.
* email/test-bounce.text (added):
   + Test message for same.
31926a4a — Bob Rogers 3 years ago
* makefile:
   + (clean):  Also clean email/post-deliver.log.
* email/.gitignore:
   + Also ignore email/post-deliver.log.
63012307 — Bob Rogers 3 years ago
* cd-dump.pl:
   + Oops; we didn't change all $cd_max_size to $media_max_size.
5506c4b0 — Bob Rogers 3 years ago
Make qmail-deliver.pl and forged-local-address.pl more configurable.
   From the delocalize-mail branch.
* README.text:
   + Add a summary for Net::Block.
   + Clarify the location of qmail-deliver.pl.
* email/Net/Block.pm (added):
   + New class that gives us a minimal IPv4 netblock representation, for
     testing which addresses are local.
* email/forged-local-address.pl:
   + Use Net::Block, and add an @INC hack for testing.
   + Remove the fixed address for rgrjr.com, replace it with a
     --relay-ip option that allows multiple relays.
   + Default @local_networks from "ip a", and update the documentation
     of --network-prefix to reflect Net::Block parsing.
   + Redo the $local_domain_file defaulting so that we don't consult it
     if --add-local options were specified, but if we can't read
     $local_domain_file, try to default them from postconf.
   + (classify_sender_address):  New helper sub, centralizes the local
     vs. relay vs. remote classification.
   + (local_header_p):  Bug fix:  Identify relays received by Postfix
     correctly, and remove a clause this makes redundant.  Use
     classify_sender_address in order to consolidate the logic.
* email/qmail-deliver.pl:
   + Add --network-prefix, --add-local, and --relay-ip options that are
     passed on to forged-local-address.pl.
   + (address_forged_p):  Use @forged_local_args, and skip the test if
     none were passed.
   + Major documentation update, both user and internal.
* email/test-net-block.pl (added):
   + Test::More script for Net::Block.
* email/test-qmail-deliver.pl:
   + (deliver_one):  Pass --network-prefix, --add-local,  and --relay,
     and use "./qmail-deliver.pl" so we test the local version.
   + Add some tests for local addresses.
* email/from-jan-2.text:
   + Drop an extra "Delivered-To:" header so qmail-deliver.pl is not
     confused by its extension.
* makefile:
   + Numerous changes to better integrate email testing & installation.
cff11bca — Bob Rogers 3 years ago
* cd-dump.pl:
   + Change the default from --nodvd to --dvd, and increase the --dvd
     max size to the full 4.7GB.
   + Add --mount-point as an alias to --cd-mount-point, and make it the
     preferred option.
   + Plus extensive changes to variables and error messages to dethrone
     CDs as the default medium.
   + Fix a $written_subdir creation bug.
   + Complete, update, and alphabetize option documentation.
5176e575 — Bob Rogers 3 years ago
* backup.pl:
   + Use Date::Format instead of the "date" program.
   + Check that $dump_dir and $destination_dir are on the same device.
   + Update code, documentation, and error messages to make --target the
     preferred way to specify the thing to dump, and make --mount-point
     and --partition synonyms.
   + Correct the cd-dump.pl link.
   + Add to the --volsize note for DVDs.
32dcefae — Bob Rogers 3 years ago
* backup-dbs.pl:
   + Improve email address formatting.
c8d3cfaa — Bob Rogers 3 years ago
* backup-dbs.pl, check-passwd.pl:
   + Document these scripts.