844d92fb1653efb4884187080489600a800f8b59 — Bob Rogers 6 months ago 2fa6dea
Flush v+q-sendmail-send-it

* vm+qmail.el:
   + (v+q-sendmail-send-it):  This is unused and almost certainly not
     needed any more.
   + (v+q-set-return-address):  Remove a ref to v+q-sendmail-send-it.
* emacs-init.el:
   + Remove a reference to sendmail-send-it in commented-out code.
2 files changed, 1 insertions(+), 21 deletions(-)

M emacs-init.el
M vm+qmail.el
M emacs-init.el => emacs-init.el +0 -1
@@ 188,7 188,6 @@ but it is usually sufficient to take the default.")
;; it harder to use both rgrjr.com and modulargenetics.com addresses.  -- rgr,
;; 22-Jul-21.]
(setq send-mail-function 'smtpmail-send-it)
;; (setq send-mail-function 'sendmail-send-it)
(setq smtpmail-use-envelope-sender t)
(setq smtpmail-smtp-server nil)
(setq smtpmail-servers-requiring-authorization "smtp.gmail.com")

M vm+qmail.el => vm+qmail.el +1 -20
@@ 233,22 233,6 @@ inbox in the vm-spool-files list.  Doesn't handle POP or IMAP drops."
    (and folder
	 (v+q-folder-special-return-address folder))))

(defun v+q-sendmail-send-it ()
  ;; user-mail-address is a buffer-local variable, but sendmail-send-it won't
  ;; see the new value because it copies the buffer contents into a scratch
  ;; buffer before mailing.  [haven't tried smtpmail-send-it yet, but it appears
  ;; to do the same.  it'd be nice to have lexical closures here . . .  -- rgr,
  ;; 21-Feb-00.]
  (kill-local-variable 'user-mail-address)	;; be sure it's gone.
  (let ((user-mail-address (or buffer-user-mail-address
    ;; [this doesn't work; sendmail-send-it sees the old value after doing
    ;; (set-buffer tembuf).  -- rgr, 21-Feb-00.]  [works now; the trick is not
    ;; to try to make user-mail-address buffer-local.  -- rgr, 2-Apr-00.]
    (and v+q-verbose-p
	 (message "Binding user-mail-address to %S" user-mail-address))

(defun v+q-insert-from-header (login)
  ;; Stolen from the sendmail-send-it function; inserts a "From:" header at
  ;; (point-min) according to message-from-style, with proper RFC822 quoting and

@@ 330,10 314,7 @@ Interactively prompts for a new return address."
    ;; Customize send-mail-function for sendmail, since sendmail-send-it copies
    ;; the buffer contents into a scratch buffer.
    (cond ((not (member send-mail-function
			  sendmail-send-it smtpmail-send-it)))
	    ;; The send-mail-function will already be v+q-sendmail-send-it if
	    ;; the user does it again (i.e. change of mind).
			'(sendmail-send-it smtpmail-send-it)))
	    (error "Oops; can't set return address for the '%S' sender."
	  ((rgr-emacs-version-p 21 3)