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@@ 65,6 65,21 @@ the "Parent location:" field, described below.
Contains free text describing the location.  For boxes of books, this
is often about the genre, when I read them, or when I got rid of them.

=item B<Background:>

Defines a background color for the location name when it appears in a
mixed collection of locations, as for book search results or for the
books by a single author.  The default background is "inherit", in
which case the containing location's background is used; if that is
also "inherit", then we search upward until we find some actual color.
If the root location background is also "inherit" then we just use the
page background color, which is usually white (unless someone has
tweaked the global style sheet).

This is meant as an aide to categorize books by location, so that it
is easy to see at a glance where they are, if they have been given
away, are still in storage, etc.

=item B<Books:>

Displays the total number of books stored in this location.  This also