* Changes:  Date the 0.4 release
Update version to 0.4

* dist.ini:
   + Bump the version number.
* lib/Spreadsheet/ReadGnumeric.pm, t/data/test_1_expected.pl:
   + Update version numbers in code and test output.
* Changes:  Start some blather about an 0.4 release
Use ExprID to populate all formulas

* lib/Spreadsheet/ReadGnumeric.pm:
   + Added process_formulas and formulas slots.
   + (_tokenize_formula):  Turn a formula into tokens.
   + (_untokenize_formula):  Turn tokens & offsets back into a formula.
   + (_process_Cell_elt):  Use same to handle ExprID.
   + Remove the "ExprID" TODO item.
* t/03-formula.t (added):
   + Test formula processing.
* t/data/formula.gnumeric (added):
   + Test data for same.
Oops; forgot some version number updating

* dist.ini:
   + Bump the version number.
* lib/Spreadsheet/ReadGnumeric.pm, t/data/test_1_expected.pl:
   + Update version numbers in code and test output.  Someday, I'm going
     to remember this chore before I tag the release.
* Changes:  Tag release 0.3
Add missing runtime dependencies

* dist.ini:
   + Add dependencies for PerlIO::gzip and XML::Parser::Lite.  This
     fixes RT issues #146618 and #146259; thanks to srezic@cpan.org for
     reporting these.
Handle a MaxRow of zero (i.e. one row)

* lib/Spreadsheet/ReadGnumeric.pm:
   + (_process_MaxRow_elt):  Handle the case where $maxrow is zero.
* t/data/test_1_expected.pl:
   + The empty sheets now have maxrow & minrow (nominally one row).
Date the 0.2 release

* Changes:
   + Add a date for the 0.2 release.
   + Also mention the column name decoding bug.
Update in preparation for version 0.2

* Changes:
   + Describe the 0.2 release.
* dist.ini:
   + Update to version 0.2.
   + Add MetaJSON and Prereqs to fix issues found by cpants_lint.pl:  We
     must request META.json and declare the minimum Perl version.
* lib/Spreadsheet/ReadGnumeric.pm:
* lib/Spreadsheet/Gnumeric/Base.pm:
* lib/Spreadsheet/Gnumeric/StyleRegion.pm:
* t/data/test_1_expected.pl:
   + Update all of these guys to 0.2 as well.
Doc tweaks for Spreadsheet::ReadGnumeric

* lib/Spreadsheet/ReadGnumeric.pm:
   + Turn the synopsis paragraph into a "DESCRIPTION" section, and add a
     better into paragraph.
   + Also, prefix the "METHODS" section with links to the slots that
     control parsing, & reduce the redundancy with the "new" method doc.
Document the style_attributes mapping

* lib/Spreadsheet/Gnumeric/StyleRegion.pm:
   + Explain the style_attributes mapping.
* lib/Spreadsheet/ReadGnumeric.pm:
   + Add a reference in the "attr" doc to the StyleRegion doc.
   + Also, fix some lingering parse_file references.
Improve element processing parameter names

* lib/Spreadsheet/ReadGnumeric.pm:
   + (_process_Name_elt):  Use a $name param instead of $self->chars.
   + (_process_MaxCol_elt):  Rename the $text param to $maxcol.
   + (_process_MaxRow_elt):  Rename the $text param to $maxrow.
   + (_process_Style_elt):  Also, remove redundant assignment to
* lib/Spreadsheet/ReadGnumeric.pm:  Minor doc updates.
Only remember merging when requested

* lib/Spreadsheet/ReadGnumeric.pm:
   + (_process_Merge_elt):  Bug fix:  Only remember merging information
     if $self->attr.
Clean up conversion routines

* lib/Spreadsheet/ReadGnumeric.pm:
   + (_decode_cell_name):  Renamed from _alpha2colrow.
   + (_encode_cell_name):  Renamed from _num_to_alpha.
   + (_decode_alpha):  Move to a new "Utility routines" section along
     with _decode_cell_name and _encode_cell_name.
   + (_process_Merge_elt, _process_Cell_elt, _process_Sheet_elt):
     Update callers.
* t/01-basic.t:
   + Update caller of _num_to_alpha, add tests for carrying into three
Fix cell name to number conversion bugs

* lib/Spreadsheet/ReadGnumeric.pm:
   + (_num_to_alpha):  Make this one-based instead of zero-based, for
     consistency.  Fix a bug relating to the fact that this is not
     really proper base-26.
   + (_decode_alpha):  Bug fix:  Take the "ord" of only the last char.
   + (_process_Cell_elt, _process_Sheet_elt):  Callers of _num_to_alpha.
* t/01-basic.t:
   + Add encode/decode tests.
Add a test case for merged cells

* t/02-merged.t (added):
   + Add a test case for merged cells.
* t/data/merged.gnumeric (added):
   + Test data for same.
Make merging really work

   Needs testing, though.
* lib/Spreadsheet/ReadGnumeric.pm:
   + Add merge and minimal_attributes slots.
   + (_process_Sheet_elt):  Distribute non-minimal attributes for the
     full maxcol/maxrow array.  Distribute merging information depending
     on $self->merge, and also copy attribute hashes to avoid sharing.
First cut at handling cell merging

   This does not work very well with Spreadsheet::Read, since other
   parsers keep attributes for empty cells.
* lib/Spreadsheet/ReadGnumeric.pm:
   + (_process_Merge_elt):  Store <Merge> element content in
   + (_process_Sheet_elt):  Distribute this merging information into
     the individual $sheet->{attr}[$col][$row] hashrefs.