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`import-album`---move or copy files into your media library.

## Synopsis

    import-album [-c] [-i] [-l DIR] FILE [FILE...]

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        Use the named DIR as the library directory. The default is

## Description

`import-album` knows how to handle plain files or zip files of plain

@@ 48,3 46,18 @@ The zipped file names will presumably contain numbers, if appropriate.
Files in the temporary directory with a name that doesn't conform to
the expected format (like "cover.jpg") will retain that name in the
destination directory.

## Dependencies

Ruby and a few standard Unix utilities:

- `cut`
- `file`
- `unzip`

## Installation

0. Clone the repository: https://github.com/rmavis/import-album.
1. Move the executable `import-album` (or make a symlink to it) somewhere in your `$PATH`.
2. Ensure the executable is executable (`chmod` it 744, etc).
3. There is no step 3.