Prepare for AdaSockets 1.14
Do not hardcode perl path in git2cl
Remove trailing whitespaces in git2cl
a6a6db3f — Nicolas Boulenguez 4 months ago
Improve installation of the pkg-config script and gnat project

The contents of the pkg-config script, gnat project, .ali files and
even some sources probably depend on the architecture.
Fix typos in documentation
Cleanup .gitignore
Use direnv for NixOS development
Full flake support for NixOS
Do not build nix flake in CI

The flake.nix only contains development environment so far.
Untabify configure.ac
Add pre-commit checks
Development flake for NixOS
Generate all constants in one compilation
Add the --disable-tests option to configure
Switch back from bootstrap to autoreconf
Remove GitHub mention
Update outdated copyright
Remove obsolete help string
Use texi2pdf and look for texinfo.tex in support
Test on Debian stable as well