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You can also use your local clone with git send-email.


Tday is a shell script utility for viewing and maintaining todo lists on your computer.

The file format is all plain text and is extremely simple:

  1. Each entry must be 1 line.
  2. If an entry starts with o (lower-case letter O and a space) it's incomplete.
  3. If an entry starts with x (lower-case letter X and a space) it's complete.

The todo files are meant to be easy to write by hand, which is why the format is plain text, and simple. There are no special characters you need to write.

The todo lists are stored in ~/.local/tday/.


Basic usage is just via tday, which will display the items you've added to today's list of items you need to do.

$ tday
x Write tday shell script
o Reply to PR reviews
o Write tday-sh readme

#Modify today's todo list

tday edit

$ tday edit

This will open today's todo list using whatever editor you've set in your EDITOR environment variable; or nano if you haven't set your EDITOR environment variable.

#View all incomplete items

tday incomplete

$ tday incomplete
o Reply to PR reviews
o Write tday-sh readme
o Something I did not complete yesterday

This output will include all incomplete items, not just today's incomplete items.

#List all todo files

tday list

$ tday list