Retry for 10 minutes on reboot
Wait for network before running reboot script
Move all env setup into local script


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You can also use your local clone with git send-email.


Folder structure

  • pycamcorder: software to run the security camera
  • rpi: everything specific to running on the raspberrypi
  • client: code for viewing the footage from a local machine

#Steps requiring manual setup

  1. Make sure the raspberrypi camera is connected and working.

    • There is an integration test in rpi/ to check this automatically.
    • You can also just run raspistill -o image.jpg.
  2. Set environment variables on the pi.

    • Make sure ~/security-cam.sh is sourced from ~/.bashrc (at the top of bashrc, to ensure loading for non-interactive users like ssh).
    • How? Try running the automated script at bin/push-env.sh. You might have to tweak it. Otherwise, just copy the env vars reference in that script to the rpi manually.
    • NOTE: the env vars must be accessible at the system level, not just for a user. This is necessary for systemd service to work as expected.