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Sr ht build manifest templates

This repository is a collection of language-specific CI setups for sr.ht.

Its purpose is to let you quickly setup new CI pipelines for your programming language by copying the appropriate manifest template.

Each language support comes with a hello world project on which the pipelines run.

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git.sh.ht repository


github repository


The master branches on sr.ht and github are synchronized through this manifest at each commit on master


Setup a pipeline

  • Pick your language in the repository tree, open the .builds folder and choose yml file named after the architecture (man) you will be working on.
  • Put it under .builds/ in your repository
  • Adapt the source and environment lists to match your needs

Supported languages

Basic CI pipeline structure

  • install dependencies
  • build the project (if needed)
  • install the project (if needed)
  • run project tests
  • run project

Repository structure

  • [languages]
    • .builds
      • [architectures].yml
    • src
      • minimal source code to test the CI pipelines on
    • tests
      • minimal testing utilities to test the CI on
    • language-specific build/setup files


Notes on how to contribute can be found in CONTRIBUTING.md (sr.ht link) , (github link).

Future work


Have an issue or something to discuss about the project ? This tracker is the appropriate place to bring it up.