Command-line tracing client for Jaeger
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Pfeil is a simple tool to report an opentracing span to a jaeger server from the command line, useful for tracing shell scripts or external processes that can't be directly instrumented.

To record a child span, set the extracted parent trace ID (uber-trace-id) in environment variable TRACE_ID.

The start time to report for the span will default to now, unless TRACE_START is defined in Unix date format.

Pfeil can wrap another command, piping stdin, stdout, and sterr, and recording the exit code (setting error=true if nonzero) in the span.


With Go:

go get git.sr.ht/~retzkek/pfeil

Binary artifacts for linux/amd64 from the latest build may be available on sourcehut.



A service name must be set via -s/--service option or JAEGER_SERVICE_NAME. The span operation name must be provided as the OPERATION argument. If the optional CMD and ARGS arguments are provided, CMD will be run with ARGS in a subprocess, with stdin, stout, and stderr piped through. The exit code will be added as tag exit_code, if it's nonzero then "error=true" will also be set.


  • -h/--help command help
  • -v/--verbose verbose logging (default: false)
  • -y/--sample always sample new trace (equivalent to JAEGER_SAMPLER_TYPE=const and JAEGER_SAMPLER_PARAM=1, default: false)
  • -n/--nosample never sample new trace (overrides -y, sets JAEGER_SAMPLER_PARAM=0, default: false)
  • -s/--service string service name (overrides JAEGER_SERVICE_NAME)
  • -t/--tag strings tags to include in span, as "key=value". Multiple tags can be specified comma-separated, i.e. -t k1=v1,k2=v2, or the option can be repeated, i.e. -t k1=v1 -t k2=v2.


  • TRACE_ID extracted uber-trace-id (see below for example extraction)
  • TRACE_START optional start time for trace in Unix date format (e.g. Thu Oct 22 16:06:24 EDT 2020)
  • JAEGER_SERVICE_NAME The service name (overriden by -svc).
  • JAEGER_AGENT_HOST The hostname for communicating with agent via UDP (default localhost).
  • JAEGER_AGENT_PORT The port for communicating with agent via UDP (default 6831).
  • JAEGER_ENDPOINT The HTTP endpoint for sending spans directly to a collector, e.g. http://jaeger-collector:14268/api/traces. If specified, the agent host/port are ignored.
  • JAEGER_SAMPLER_TYPE The sampler type: remote, const, probabilistic, ratelimiting (default remote). See -y and -n options to conveniently set const sampling.
  • JAEGER_SAMPLER_PARAM The sampler parameter (number).
  • JAEGER_SAMPLING_ENDPOINT The URL for the sampling configuration server when using sampler type remote (default

See Jaeger client documentation for a complete list of environment variables to control the client behavior.

#Example usage

export JAEGER_ENDPOINT="http://my-jaeger-collector:14268/api/traces"
export JAEGER_SERVICE_NAME="my_script"
export TRACE_ID="7d7e22c6f96e391:b3185835b0e579c7:0:1" # we extracted this from some parent process
export TRACE_START=`date`
pfeil command_1
export TRACE_START=`date`
pfeil -v -t foo=bar -t exit_code=$? command_2
export TRACE_START=`date`
pfeil command_3 -- ls -l *.go


2020/10/22 16:13:19 pfeil: found TRACE_ID 7d7e22c6f96e391:b3185835b0e579c7:0:1
2020/10/22 16:13:19 pfeil: found TRACE_START Thu Oct 22 16:06:24 EDT 2020
2020/10/22 16:13:19 pfeil: started span 07d7e22c6f96e391:7f6e9f9bd9baf554:b3185835b0e579c7:1
2020/10/22 16:13:19 pfeil: setting tag foo to bar
2020/10/22 16:13:19 pfeil: setting tag exit_code to 0
-rw-r--r--  1 kretzke  staff  7340 Oct 22 16:13 main.go

See example.sh for a complete example shell script, including child spans and capturing exit codes and error tags. Example trace:

example trace screenshot

#Extracting a trace id

Example in Python:

import jaeger_client
    'sampler': {
        'type': 'const',
        'param': 1,
t.inject(span.context, 'text_map', data)
# data = {'uber-trace-id': '7d7e22c6f96e391:b3185835b0e579c7:0:1'}