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Scheme library implementing Simple Common Gateway Interface

Should be portable, only uses R7RS features and SRFI 106

Source code can be found in https://git.sr.ht/~retropikzel/scheme-scgi Please report any bugs in https://todo.sr.ht/~retropikzel/scheme-scgi


scgi-start port main

Starts the scgi server. Blocks and waits for requests. The first argument should be port scgi server should listen to, as string. The second argument should be procedure that handles the request, it should take one argument which is the request as alist. And it should return string that is then sent to client.

scgi-request-value-get request key

Helper procedure to get value out of a request. Takes request and key as arguments, returns the value of the key or #f if not found.

#Simple example

#Scheme Server

(import (scheme base)
        (scheme write)
        (retropikzel scgi))

(scgi-start "3001"
    (lambda (request)
        (string-append "Content-type: text/html"
                       "Hello world")))

#HTTP Server

Using lighttpd might be the simplest to get started, install it and then put this into file called lighttppd.conf in your project folder.

server.document-root = "/your-project-path"
server.errorlog = "/your-project-path/error.log"
server.modules = ("mod_scgi")

server.port = 3000
scgi.debug = 1
scgi.server = ("/" =>
                (( "host" => "",
                   "port" => 3001,
                   "check-local" => "disable")))

mimetype.assign = (
                ".html" => "text/html",
                ".txt" => "text/plain",
                ".jpg" => "image/jpeg",
                ".png" => "image/png")

You can run this with command:

lighttpd -D -f lighttpd.conf

and then open your browser to