Short homepage text
Notes on options trading
Disable generation of 404 page
Use rsync --delete for deployment
Factor out deploy directory in build manifest
Disable Hugo taxonomies
Remove default archetypes folder
Override KaTeX shortcode to fix whitespace issues

There is spurious whitespace inserted after math by the shortcode
expansion, resulting in an extra space when the math is inside
parentheses or otherwise not followed by natural whitespace in the file.
This is fixable by adding a whitespace-chomping template at the end of
the file.
Christoffel symbol favicon and logo
Notes on Sourcehut
Justify paragraphs
Grammatical correction
A simplistic explanation of GR gravitation
Do not pluralize names of directories for display
Weight about page to appear first in sidebar
Allow HTML in Markdown pages
Add email link to page footers
Add simple front page
Clarify copyright terms
A simple about page