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# Angle Grinding

As we used to say in the '90s, this website is under construction. Feel
free to follow the [repository](https://git.sr.ht/~rep/anglegrinding) on
Sourcehut for an ongoing changelog.
This is the personal site of a pseudonymous author. You will find notes
and essays on various topics of interest here, including mathematics,
technology, music, and whatever else I decide to write about. For a site
changelog, please see [the git
history](https://git.sr.ht/~rep/anglegrinding) hosted on Sourcehut.

I prefer simple sites with few bells and whistles, and I do not really
want to get into the weeds of web development; there is no interactivity
here. Some Javascript is used to render LaTeX math, in the absence of a
good way to do this statically.

I do not want to write in a blog format, to avoid chronological sorting.
My writing here is not chiefly about current events, and if it is,
should still be evergreen. I also prefer to avoid the many issues
surrounding blog comments.

Comment is, however, encouraged - the site may not be interactive, but I
am. My email address is [rep@anglegrinding.com](rep@anglegrinding.com),
and is repeated in the footer of every page. If you see this email
address anywhere, consider it an open invitation to email me.