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You can also use your local clone with git send-email.

#Mastermind Letters

Ths game is a version of Mastermind, but with letters. Mastermind is inspired by the much earlier Bulls and cows, which has a digit-version (much like Mastermind), and a letter-version, which traditionally works like this:

  • One player (the host) thinks of an isogram word (i.e. no letter appears twice) and, if the word length is not pre-determined, announces the number of letters in the word.
  • Other players (the guessers) try to figure out that word by guessing isogram words containing the same number of letters.
  • The host responds with the number of cows and bulls for each guessed word. As with the digit version, "cow" means a letter in the wrong position and "bull" means a letter in the right position.

In order to create a one-player game, in this version the host is the website, and a random word is chosen each day. Additionally, since a computer can think quickly, the word is not necessarily an isogram word - beget would be a valid word.

#Running locally

To Run Locally: Clone the repository and perform the following command line actions:

$ cd game
$ npm install
$ npm run start

open http://localhost:3000 in browser.

#Running via docker

To build/run docker container:

$ docker build -t game .
$ docker run -d -p 3000:3000 game

#Creating a version in a different language

  • Update the title, the description, and the "You need to enable JavaScript" message in public/index.html
  • Update the language attribute in the HTML tag in public/index.html
  • Update the name and short name in public/manifest.json
  • Update the strings in src/constants/strings.ts
  • Add all of the five letter words in the language to src/constants/validGuesses.ts, replacing the English words
  • Add a list of goal words in the language to src/constants/wordlist.ts, replacing the English words
  • Update the "About" modal in src/components/modals/AboutModel.tsx
  • Update the "Info" modal in src/components/modals/InfoModal.tsx
  • If the language has letters that are not present in English, add them to the CharValue type in src/lib/statuses.ts and update the keyboard in src/lib/components/keyboard/Keyboard.tsx
  • If the language's letters are made of multiple unicode characters, use a grapheme splitter at various points throughout the app or normalize the input so that all of the letters are made of a single character
  • If the language is written right-to-left, add dir="rtl" to the HTML tag in public/index.html and prepend \u202E (the unicode right-to-left override character) to the return statement of the inner function in generateEmojiGrid in src/lib/share.ts


Thanks Hannah!