Fixes extra space being printed in dbg.
Choose to print objects nicely based on *print-escape*, not *print-readably*.

The former actually gets bound by both ~a and ~s, while the latter only
gets bound by ~a.
Fix bug around (member).
Print the expression being evaluated earlier in dbg.
Make def-data-class use an &body, so slimv's autoindent works just a tiny bit nicer.
Print a bit more eagerly in dbg.
Updates flake.nix for cleanup and i686-linux support.
Avoid setting print-readbly in print-object-pretty unless necessary.
avoid capturing slot names
Change def-data-class to use &key args in the constructor.
Use defun/typed in the implementation of the rest.
Adds &key to defun/typed.
removes debugging statement
Adds dbg and defun/typed
Allow other arguments for slots in def-data-class.
Adds flake.nix.