A few fixes that need to be disentangled.
nix flake update
Fixes for the previous, always use Nix-compiled Silver.


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A Nix-ification of the work done by the MELT group.

Unlike a previous attempt (in this repo as the old-2021-07-07 branch), we don't try to actually build Silver from source from a single bootstrapping seed, but rather we automatically update this repo to provide a silver-bin package with the results of running Jenkins. This does not include .class, .java, or .svi files from the compilation, so we build a "proper" silver package that includes these in a dev output. The silver package is then used to build the remainder of the projects. This lets us more-or-less ignore any problems with commits that must be built in Jenkins with the OVERRIDE_JARS setting, and avoids building all the intermediate commits in large pull requests.

silver-ableC also uses a Jenkins-built binary release, to avoid the very long build times involved in building it from source. (There's no conceptual reason why building it completely from source impossible though.) Since it's unlikely(?) that an end-user will want to depend on silver-ableC as a library, it, like silver-bin, does not have a dev output.


To simply run Silver, try nix run git+https://git.sr.ht/~remexre/melt.nix -- --help. This runs the silver binary from the silver package, which will be built if it has not been already.

To run unextended ableC, try nix run git+https://git.sr.ht/~remexre/melt.nix#ableC -- --help.

  • TODO: Using as a Nix user of packaging software written in Silver
  • TODO: Using as a Nix user of packaging software written in ableC


  • Package more ableC extensions
  • Helper for building composed