In-memory metadata cache for Denote notes
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#author: relict007 title: Denote Cache

Denote Cache is an in-memory cache for Denote notes' metadata. It include title, filetype(denote specific), file extension, last modification time and forward and back links. It also allows adding other arbitrary info regarding files to the cache.

Denote provides means to manage not only text notes but any file with a nice naming scheme. The way I use Denote is like this:

  • use it as a filing system where I put my notes (org mode), receipts, website captures, screenshots, scanned documents etc
  • notes and files are within different sub directories
  • lots of these notes and files are just for record keeping and not for day-to-day reading
  • I seldom delete anything, that means my notes directory keeps on growing (currently around 973 files, 2.5 GB). I don't mind the size, its much less than some media files these days

Denote Cache is an attempt to aid in these use cases. All of what it does can be done using existing Emacs utilities. This is just to help me with my workflow.

It allows me to do:

  • display all the notes at one place (using completing-read)
  • show titles from the files rather than file names
  • easily include other information like keywords, filetype etc while filtering in completing-read
  • as lots of my notes/files are just for record keeping, I want them to be buried down and not show at the top. I sort my completing-read list of files using last modification time (it can be sorted using some other arbitrary criteria also)

This is my present config:

(use-package denote-cache
  :straight (:host sourcehut :repo "relict007/denote-cache")
  :after (denote dired org)
  (denote-cache-autosync-mode +1)

  (defun rlct/denote--find-file-with-pretty-format (orginal-function &optional initial-text)
    "Denote files but with title extracted"
    (cdr (assoc (completing-read "Select a link to insert: "  denote-cache--sorted-files-with-titles nil t) denote-cache--sorted-files-with-titles))

  (defun rlct/denote-link()
    "replacement for denote-link which shows the file titles and tags in a nice way"
    (let ((denote-file-prompt 'rlct/denote--find-file-with-pretty-format))
      (advice-add 'denote-file-prompt :around denote-file-prompt)
    (call-interactively 'denote-link)
    (advice-remove 'denote-file-prompt 'rlct/denote--find-file-with-pretty-format)

  (defun rlct/denote--propertize-title(title extension keywords)
    (let* (
           (keywords-as-string (format "%0s" (if keywords
                                                 (mapconcat #'(lambda (k) (concat "#" k)) keywords " ")
           (extension-string (if (equal extension "org") "" (concat " #" extension "")))
           (metainfo (concat keywords-as-string extension-string))
           (metainfo-pretty (propertize (concat " (" metainfo ")") 'face 'org-tag))

           ;; (extension-string (if (equal extension "org") "" (concat "[" extension "]")))
           ;; (extension-part (propertize extension-string 'face 'org-tag))
           (final-title (concat title metainfo-pretty)))

  (defvar denote-cache--sorted-files-with-titles nil)

  (defun rlct/denote-cache--sort-files (files)
    (cl-sort files (lambda (a b)
                  (let* ((ftime-a (denote-cache-get-ftime a))
                         (ftime-b (denote-cache-get-ftime b)))
                    (time-less-p ftime-b ftime-a))))

  (defun rlct/denote-cache--make-altplist (files)
    (mapcar (lambda (f)
              (let* (
                     (title (denote-cache-get-title f))
                     (keywords (denote-cache-get-keywords f))
                     (extension (denote-cache-get-extension f))
                     (propertized-title (rlct/denote--propertize-title title extension keywords))
                (cons propertized-title f)
              ) files))

  (add-hook 'denote-cache-post-cache-update-hook #'(lambda ()
                           (message "cache updated")
                           (setq denote-cache--sorted-files-with-titles (rlct/denote-cache--make-altplist (rlct/denote-cache--sort-files (denote-cache-get-all-files-from-cache))))))

  (defun rlct/denote-all-files-cached ()
    "All denote files from cache"
    (find-file (rlct/alist-get-equal (completing-read "Note: " denote-cache--sorted-files-with-titles nil) denote-cache--sorted-files-with-titles)))

  (defun rlct/denote-format-links (links)
    "Formats the links returned by denote-cache-get-backlinks and denote-cache-get-forwardlinks"
    (mapcar (lambda (f)
              (let* ((keywords (denote-cache-get-keywords f))
                     (title (denote-cache-get-title f))
                     (extension (denote-cache-get-extension f))
                     (formatted-title (rlct/denote--propertize-title title extension keywords)))
                (cons formatted-title f)))

  (defun rlct/denote-backlinks ()
    (let* ((file (buffer-file-name))
           (links (rlct/denote-cache--sort-files (denote-cache-get-backlinks file)))
           (links-formatted (rlct/denote-format-links links))
           (selected-file (rlct/alist-get-equal (completing-read "Backlinks: " links-formatted nil) links-formatted)))
      (find-file selected-file)))

  (defun rlct/denote-forwardlinks ()
    (let* ((file (buffer-file-name))
           (links (rlct/denote-cache--sort-files (denote-cache-get-forwardlinks file)))
           (links-formatted (rlct/denote-format-links links))
           (selected-file (rlct/alist-get-equal (completing-read "Forward Links: " links-formatted nil) links-formatted)))
      (find-file selected-file)))

  (:map my-org-keys-prefix-map
        ("nl" . 'rlct/denote-link)
        ("nb" . 'rlct/denote-backlinks)
        ("nf" . 'rlct/denote-forwardlinks)
  (:map modalka-leader-map
        ("nn" . 'rlct/denote-all-files-cached)


Basically you need to run denote-cache-update-cache at startup to load the cache. Also, it might be a good idea to enable denote-cache-autosync-mode so that cache stays in sync with the actual files. Have a closer look at the functions which I have added to keybindings.