default in the configuration now with peertube instead of odysee
update readme and one line in the ignore words
add comments for clarity on algorithm
make sure all strings are lower case to be able to ignore with out case issues
added ignore rss/video item if contains certain words in ini configuration
fix typo
fix email lists
add mailing list to readme.md
add mailing list to readme.md
paste example config to readme.md
started to add some documentation to the README
prepare license
added interval int to config and main
commented funtionality and minor cleaning
ok now is working rdy to merge
added gocron to keep running every x minutes
add gitignore .log and .pid
first changes to daemonize
remove config from gitignore and added config to repo now that has no secrets and can be used as example
separared config and parse of secrects into their own functions wrote some minor readme