gets ramdon video from odysee or peertube channel and toots to a mastodon instance
default in the configuration now with peertube instead of odysee
update readme and one line in the ignore words
add comments for clarity on algorithm


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You can also use your local clone with git send-email.

== goTootRamdonVideo ==

this is a bot that will use gopass or pass for your credentials or any other CLI password manager or keystore then it will log into mastodon, and pull the latest feed item from odysee, peertube or any other place but is meant for videos. after this it will ramdonly pick one feed item, format it into a mastodon toot, and post(toot) it using the account credentials you supplied.

#create config file:

go into mastodon in your account settings and create a new app under development get the:

  • clientID and the clientSecret

you will need the user/pass for the account the bot will post the videos also the servername of the mastodon instance and the feed URL for odysee or peertube

save your mastodon client secrect and login password in gopass or pass

pass insert gotootramdonvideo/clientsecret 
pass insert gotootramdonvideo/clientid
pass insert gotootramdonvideo/password 

it will show on gopass ls like:

├── gotootramdonvideo/
│   ├── clientid
│   ├── clientsecret
│   └── password

config.ini will be something line:

interval = 60

server = https://hispagatos.space
client_id = `gopass show -o -f gotootramdonvideo/clientid`
client_secret = `gopass show -o -f gotootramdonvideo/clientsecret`
username = hackersespanol@gmail.com
password = `gopass show -o -f gotootramdonvideo/password`

feed_url = https://odysee.com/$/rss/@Hackernol:7 

#To get a RSS feed from Odysee list only

feed_url = https://lbryfeed.melroy.org/playlist/odysee/Hackerñol#1

for more info: https://lbryfeed.melroy.org/playlist

#To end program

kill `cat goTootRamdonVideo.pid`

#sent patches and comments to:

   Mailing list for development discussion and patches related to the goTootRamdonVideo project. For help sending patches to this list, please consult git-send-email.io.
    Low-volume mailing list for announcements related to the goTootRamdonVideo project.