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ad83b477Michael Rees Experiment with rewriting in Rust 8 months ago


A simple CLI RSS feed reader.


roman is written in Rust. Binaries are not yet available, so you will need to build from source using cargo.


To subscribe to feeds, use the --subscribe flag. For example,

roman --subscribe https://feedwebsite.com/feed.rss

Then, when you run roman, you will be able to select a feed and post to view. Unread posts are marked as [*].

roman is still in very early development. Several improvements are planned!


You will need to copy the config/config file in this repository to roman/config within your platform's standard config directory. You can change the values in the file to your taste.


Cross-platform support is fully intended, but for now, roman is only tested on Linux. Any patches improving support on other platforms would be happily accepted!


Contributions are welcome! Please send patches, questions, requests, etc. to my public inbox.