Try with using the parallel statement
Merge branch 'master' into threads

Lots of upstream changes have been made since I last worked on threads,
so let's make them match before applying the latest patch.
Clean up some redundant exception handling
Make keyboard fields in config affect pager as well
Show authors when opening a post
Add field to config file to control post width
Use published version of pager package
Remove accidentally included echo
Fix sorting of subscribed feeds
Show ellipsis on long titles instead of wrapping
Return user to post selection after closing post
Fix bug with menu scrolling on empty screen
Always use pager for posts
Load configuration values from config file

This is a large commit! The types were all moved out of their own
modules into a common types module to avoid circular dependencies with
the config object. It also adds a default config file and starts the
process of moving some of the hardcoded defaults into the file.
Return user to feed selection after viewing a post

This commit adds a new error type, InterruptError, to handle the user
asking us nicely to exit during the selection. This lets us check if
this has been raised after each selection, and if not, return the user
to the beginning. It also fixes a few bugs in the menu paging
Allow left/right arrows for menu navigation
Use arrow keys and bidirectional travel in menus

Previously, the user had to use tab to cycle through the selection
prompts, and they could only go down. Now, they can use the up and down
arrows (or k/j) to navigate through the feed!
Use pager library to page posts when necessary
Enable threads in .cfg file
Initial attempt at downloading feeds in parallel