Fix crash when displaying very long link in post
Use post link as GUID when none is provided (closes #8)
Fix typo in default config
Use more specific 'CatchableError' instead of 'Exception'
Load feeds in parallel at the start

This (finally!) closes #11. Now that we explicitly tell the compiler
that html2text.handle is GC-safe, we can call it from a parallel block,
which allows us to parallelize the feed parsing. It turns out that it's
actually only a small time improvement, but it's still nice.
Only require the nimpy import when missing -d:internalRenderer
Use published version of patched FeedNim
Show helpful message when managing no subscriptions
Escape fields in subscriptions file

This fixes #20. Previously, feed titles that had a comma in them would
not work, but now, they can be added without issue.
Add option for using nim-html2text
Use constructor to create Subscriptions

Constructors are preferred over simply creating an object of the right
type to ensure that any fields that are added to the object in the
future are updated throughout the codebase.
Add support for editing subscription title

This commit adds a new dependency on the noise library, a Nim
implementation of linenoise. This is being used instead of rdstdin in
the Nim standard library (which wraps linenoise) because it's nice to
give the user the current name as a default when editing, which rdstdin
doesn't allow.
Use generic version of promptList for choosing feed
Implement manage subcommand with unsubscribe support
Remove accidentally included print
Use cmpIgnoreCase for sorting subscriptions

Using the normal cmp function caused feed with capital letters in their
titles to be sorted above feeds with lowercase letters. It's more
intuitive to have the feed names sorted in a case-insensitive manner.
Add link to nim-html2text
Improve wrapping of long links for termask
Show cursor when exiting termask
Clear leftover entries when scrolling through multiple pages

This fixes #13. Previously, feeds with (say) 15 entries would show posts
1-10 for selection on the first page of results, and when advanced to
the second page of results, posts 11-15 would be shown, but 6-10 would
still be visible below them. Now, those old results are wiped from the
Properly load posts when subscribed to one feed (fixes #19)