A simple CLI RSS feed reader
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A simple CLI RSS/Atom feed reader.


roman is written in Nim. Binaries are not yet available, so you will need to build from source. With nim 0.20 installed, you should simply need to run nimble build.


To subscribe to feeds, use the subscribe command. For example,

roman subscribe https://feedwebsite.com/feed.rss

roman will do its best to detect if the feed you've given is an RSS or an Atom feed. If roman is unable to tell if your feed is an RSS or an Atom feed (or if it guesses incorrectly), this command will not work. If this is the case, use the --type option:

roman subscribe https://feedwebsite.com/feed.rss --type rss

Then, when you run roman, you will be able to select a feed and post to view. Unread posts are marked as [*].

When reading a post, you can (by default) press L to construct a list of all of the links in the post you are viewing as well as the link to the original post. After selecting one, the link will be opened in your default browser.

You can manage your subscriptions by running roman manage.

roman is still in very early development. Several improvements are planned! However, roman is already quite usable.


By default, roman uses html2text to display post bodies. You will need to have it installed on your system.

However, if roman is compiled with -d:internalRenderer, the experimental nim-html2text library will be used instead. This library still needs work, but it removes the need for an external dependency.


You will need to copy the config/config file in this repository to roman/config within your platform's standard config directory. You can change the values in the file to your taste.


Cross-platform support is fully intended, but for now, roman is only tested on Linux. (Most of the code should work just fine, but some filepaths that are generated are currently Linux-only. A patch would be happily accepted!)


Contributions are welcome! Please send patches, questions, requests, etc. to my public inbox.

Bug reports and feature requests may also be filed at the project ticket tracker.