A simple Nim library for paging, similar to less
Make key customization available from public API
Cache status to avoid redraws
Show END message when the bottom of the text is reached


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A simple command line pager, written in Nim.


This project can be compiled into a binary using nimble. However, its primary use is as a library. In your project, use it as follows:

import pager

# assign some long string to longString

This will split the value of longString onto lines that can be stepped through with the following keys:

  • j: down
  • k: up
  • g: go to top
  • G: go to bottom
  • Ctrl-U: go up one-half of the screen
  • Ctrl-D: go down one-half of the screen
  • q: quit

These keys can be customized by passing optional arguments to page. See the function signature of page for details.

#Project Goals

pager was written for roman, and currently only has the flexibility and features required for that task. However, any patches or requests for extension would be welcome!


Contributions are welcome! Please send patches, questions, requests, etc. to my public inbox.