An electrical grid management board game
Update to Zig 0.9.0 (still on master, not stable)
Begin removing some allocations
Add test runner step (via zig build test)


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A Power Grid inspired game.


gridz is developed on the master branch of Zig. You should be simply able to run zig build run.


The complete gameplay will be implemented as a CLI game. After the internals are complete, a GUI will be added. It's possible the GUI will be optional and the CLI interface will continue to be maintained separately.

Currently, you can play through the first two stages, but the third stage is not implemented yet. For development, gridz uses a hard-coded map and player list, but these will be made customizable before the first release.


gridz has very similar gameplay to Power Grid, which is a fantastic game! A separate set of rules is not yet available, but if you are familiar with Power Grid, you will know how to play gridz.