Chicago, IL



Solutions for the Advent of Code puzzles


An electrical grid management board game


Convert HTML to Markdown-formatted text


A simple CLI RSS feed reader


A C compiler written in Nim, following https://norasandler.com/2017/11/29/Write-a-Compiler.html.


A soccer (football) management game


A version of Bygfoot without its build system


A patched version of https://github.com/johnconway/feed-nim/ to work with Roman


A Haskell reimplementation of the Unix password manager


A website for easily pointing Anglican chants. https://chantpointer.com


A simple diff algorithm for Nim, similar to Ratcliff-Metzener.


A simple Nim library for paging, similar to less


Completion modules for the Elvish shell


A Nim library to work with GrandOrgue .organ packages


Typography as a service